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Where passion meets the beauty of arts, fine flowers and tasteful event concept boutique.


Aisle Project  is focused on Floral Design & Decor for Weddings and Events those who are passionately in love with designs, beauty and a humble personalities. every and each our team member are dedicated and determined to deliver only the best. It has been so many years now… so many weddings we styled, so much bouquet and flowers arranged and so much love we put in together for each of our lovebirds weddings and we are loving every second of it.


We understand that each person are unique and each couple has their own personalities and dream wedding goals, we sit down with our couple to discuss their wedding dream and tailored a concept that match their personalities. We never do same setup twice, each setup are different and as beautiful as the couple.


We always maintained our quality, flowers from the selected finest growers local and imported we always have an updated of new varieties of flowers, new fine growers and farm visit to ensure we receive the finest bunches as well as the production of props that we use are in-house made, props that you may can’t find anywhere else.

Nothing is to small or too big for us.


Regina Gerungan

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The Mastermind.

"Be your own kind of beautiful."

Roy Jordy

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Production Director

"Make memories"


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The Muscle.

Grace Lukas

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Accounting Boss.

"Be kind."

Christ Tampi

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The Navigator.

Mellisa Peyoh

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Social Bee.

"Live life to the fullest."

Febiola Peyoh

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Design Associate.

"Love Everything Beautiful."

About Us

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